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Unibet sportsbook is a leader in the betting industry in the European market with over 7.3 million customers. A Swedish owned company, it was founded in 1997 and has now gone on to extend its influence across 150 countries. With great offers across various sport markets, Unibet is known as a venerable bookie across the betting world. It is a member of EGBA, RGA and is certified by eCOGRA for responsible gambling. In fact in their endeavors towards responsible gaming their claims are substantiated in their practices as they are annual donators to the Gambling Therapy and have been a prime driver of the EU Responsible Gaming day. They are licensed and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authorities of Malta. They have won awards for their betting services and are currently listed under the NASDAQ QMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm as a publicly owned company.

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Bonus and Special Promotions:

The Unibet sportsbook experience is a great one. But bonus and promotions are also a part of that experience and the folks here make sure that their customers never forget that! Their welcome bonus is a “100% Match-Bonus Up-To £20“. Their promotions are geo-targeted and so customers are sure to find a host of different offers that are updated weekly for them. They have referral bonuses in addition to cash rewards for betting a certain amount of money. Across the various sporting events they also showcase a great array of cash back specials that are sure to be appreciated by most punters, if not all. Their betting offers also extend to bet-back options, free competitions, reload bonuses and free bets all of which can be delivered to customers via email if a punter so opts for that service.

Sports Betting Coverage:

The Unibet sportsbook is known for great coverage and this doesn’t just mean betting opportunities across sporting events but also in terms of the spread in odds and the offers on prices. The Unibet sportsbook covers almost every sporting event that exists in the world. This includes football, cricket, hockey, golf, darts, snooker, winter sports, motor sports, virtual sports, handicaps, boxing, tennis, baseball, rugby, horse racing, travnets, greyhounds, martial arts and athletics. They also make sure that all of these sports are engaged in every format that they exist in terms of countries and sporting culture, no matter how minor an event. They also offer to punters a whole range of novelty markets to bet in that include politics and entertainment. With an awesome live score service and good odds, this is a place most punters should not miss out on. Also the Unibet sportsbook experience is known for the live in-play betting services that are engaging and offer great prices to punters.

Sports Betting Types:

This website is powered by “Parspro” and proprietary software that they have used to make sure their interface is smooth, well-designed and somewhat flashy. Of course this is all to good effect and Unibet makes sure to dress up their services in a manner that is interactive and additionally simple to use. The folks here offer a great number of betting opportunities that are targeted at overwhelming punters. In addition to live in-play betting and a number of multiple bet selections (accumulators, risk combinations up to 12 events and staples like Goliath, Lucky 7, Super Yankees) can all be found here. Also in football betting they involve supertoto and superscore betting and in handicaps they have a wide range of bets that include Asian, Line and 3-way Handicap betting opportunities.

Payment Options:

The Unibet sportsbook is a well managed site and therefore funding an account is a no-brainer and easy to follow. They involve a wide number of languages and currencies which is fitting for their customers in over 150 countries. They feature over 20 languages on their site and accept a number of currencies that include the Canadian dollar, the Thai Baht, the Krone, the Koruna, the Yen, the Peso and the Liri. They also make sure to use state of the art encryption software to secure the information and financials of their customers. After providing identification details, depositing funds into a registered account can be routed by using credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and eCash. Withdrawals are routed through the same channels and they also offer a service to routing payments straight home via cheques.

Customer Services:

The customer services that can be availed at the Unibet sportsbook are reliable and dependable to retain their tag of a hassle free bookie. Their help center is a great place to route any concerns which might not be specific and learning the betting curve at Unibet is surely made easier on the punters. Their useful links sidebar is of especial importance to most punters and its likely to find a number of queries answered there. For availing of their support staff’s expertise customers can reach them via live chat, email and telephone.


Unibet sportsbook is one of the leaders in the betting industry and punters can easily the difference between them and the rest. They are a hassle free bookie and their additional features include mobile betting, Live-Score and other services that can be appreciated by most punters. Their bonuses are not overtly generous but their services and the reputability of the sportsbook are sure reasons to enroll and start betting here at Unibet.

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Actve Unibet picks

Sabalenka A. - Anisimova A.

VisPOo 0 01/18 01:30 2 hours ago
Sabalenka A. (-3,5 game) @1.890 10/10
Kaip stipriai beatrodytų ta Anisimovos Peru prieš Tsurenko, lygių skirtumai čia visgi akivaizdūs, neįsivaizduoju kaip jauniklė amerikietė čia galėtų atsilaikyt prieš Sabalenką. Ne tik to faktiško baltarusės buvimo viena stipriausių turnyro žaidėjų, bet ir nuostabaus žaidimo ant hardo jau 7-8 mėnesius iš eilės. Šis sezonas pradėtas ne ką under galingai, tokia handicap dengta 4 iš 5 laimėtų mačų. Elementariai einam su šiam momentui geresne, o Anisimovai paliekam visus likusius Grand Slamus kai ji kiek paūgės.
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Selby, M - Trump, J

katinass 0 01/18 13:00 in 8 hours
Selby, M @1.850 10/10
Selby graziai vakar susisuko ir greitai, Nepal sansu Alleno draugeliui. Trump nors nugalejo Wilsona, bet dare daug klaidu- jam nuskilo nes Wilson jo nenubaude. Pas Selby kamuoliukas rieda ten kur turi buti, trump daro paklaida didesne nei visada. Abu gali laisvai win, bet sergu uz savo numyletini nuo pirmo wino jo turnyro. Kolkas jis pagrindinis favoritas pagal zaidima win sita turnyra. Vakar padare puikias serijas ir zaide toki zaidima del kurio ir tapo pirmu numeriu reitinge. Trump geras, irgi gali win, bet jam per stiprus varzovas teko, jei tai butu bet kuris kitas butu galima imt Trump bet ne sikarta.
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Gran Canaria - Murcia

Tomas23 0 01/20 12:00 in 2 days
Murcia (+7,5) @1.850 10/10
Gran canaria turi daug netekčių ir kol kas neaišku kas žasi kas ne, bet faktas yra faktu kad Murcia čia gali pasiekti Peru. Labai svarbios varžybos abejoms ekipoms, šiek tiek gal juokinga bet jso kovoja dėl IŠLIKIMO. atrodytų both teams tikrai yra PO Spain lygio bet europos turnyrai (turbūt) daro tokį poveikį. Murcia čempionų lygoje žygiuoja labai užtikrintai , Canaria Eurolygos pasirodo gal net šiek tiek better nei tikėtasi, bet šiai dienai kortos palankesnės Murciojs rankose tiesiog reikia gerai sužaisti.
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